We create unique everyday items from items that have their own history.
We acquire everything that is unnecessary, old, worn out and give them a new life, often changing their purpose and appearance.
We draw energy for creation and inspiration from their history, design, quality of materials used and craftsmanship of former craftsmen.
Out of respect for the old technical culture and design, we feel obliged that our objects are made with the utmost care and delight in quality and unique design.

Our works fit into the current of upcycling, which gives us and you a sense of personal contribution to saving the planet.

We can also work together with you, so if you have a concept, an idea, a drawing on a napkin or a professional design.


How we operate



Based on our extensive contacts, we constantly obtain materials and parts for our products.


Our ideas are transferred to paper or a computer screen. We work with various specialists to get the best result.


Combining beauty with usability, we create objects for your interior. Whether it is an apartment, an office or a restaurant, we will offer you interesting solutions.


Revitalization is a broad concept that for us means repairing, restoring, renovating, securing, cleaning, etc. The work is usually carried out on the basis of the guidelines of the conservator of monuments.


“Elka” Studio
Warsaw, Puławska 61 street

Phone: 502 437 184