Obiekty przemysłowe




Obiekty przemysłowe


Obiekty przemysłowe



The project in the former Powiśle Power Plant began with consultation with architects and an investor on preserving the industrial character of the whole complex and ended with the construction of several different types of steel tables to the main part of the Food Court.

Implementation 2019


The scope of work included repairing existing and restoring missing antique railings, renovating, glazing and securing old windows, cleaning and galvanizing spirit tanks, restoring historic industrial scales, repairing and corrosion protection of steel doors and stairs, restoring the roof fan. The work was carried out on behalf of an investor of Hochtief under the supervision of a monument conservator.


Baniaki na spirytus

Spirit bubblesRep
revation of antique spirit bubbles was carried out on behalf of Hochtief under the supervision of a historic conservator. More than two-tone steel elements were cleaned from the inside and outside, then protected against corrosion. All original markings have been digitally catalogued and then reproduced according to the original.

Słupki i barierki

Posts and railing
sRenovation and restoration of guardrails and bollards.

Due to the very poor condition of the original iron posts and too few of them, we were forced on the basis of preserved elements to make a model and pour from the iron the missing pieces. In compliance with the current health and safety regulations, we raised their height by 10 cm without interfering with the original shape of the casting.

Drzwi stalowe

Steel doors
Provation of steel double-leaf doors. R
eplaced with new rusty sheet metal elements. Straightened original eyegeals, eliminated the deformation of the structure. Added a hidden, solid boost. Properly protected anti-corrosion and painted will enjoy its industrial appearance for a long time.

Ramy okienne

Window frames
Renevation of windows, which were in very poor condition. The damaged profile elements were replaced with identical to their unusual pre-war shape and then properly cleaned and painted. Each of the several hundred windows was cut by hand to a different dimension and framed with a real putty.

Wentylator przemysłowy

Industrial fanProvati
on of a historic outdoor fan in one of the production halls of the former Connoisseur's Vodka Factory. All works carried out under the supervision of the conservator of monuments.


Implementation 2018 – 2019



Bomb under the ceil
ing At first it was supposed to be a clothes hanger, but its cool shape would disappear under the cover of customers.
In fact, it is a military naval sonar, and its shape to the illusion resembles an aerial bomb. Its original color disarms the threat. I
t comes from our resources of interesting items. The mounting design allows the "bomb" to be positioned in many positions, which the customer was very keen on.

Aluminum shelvi
ng High quality aluminum container used for transporting advanced military electronics. This one was a safe packaging for the self-guided rocket control device. Container made by american manufacturer made of welded thick aluminum sheet, waterproof and airtight design with pressure equalization system. Its adaptation
to a utility item is a typical example of upcycling in our edition. Framed
with steel profiles for stable suspension on the wall, it has been additionally filled with precisely matched aluminum shelves according to customer's requirements. The whole created a very functional and at the same time unique utility piece of furniture, whose both appearance and content pleases bartenders and customers of the premises.

Shelf for alcohols above th
e barA suspended shelf made according to our design of steel and glass according to the customer's demand.

Implementation 2018


Our furniture and accessories were used to arrange the interior of the boutique "Brzask" in Warsaw. 07-08.2020

Minionek lampa


Lamp "Minion"

It was designed and constructed in the 1960s and 1920s in the USSR as runway lighting at the airport.

After cleaning and processing the electrical system serves as a switch lamp in the garden of the restaurant "Marmolada".


Miami Wars

Signpost "Indian Totem" made on behalf of the client for an outdoor event from Dior.


White Star donica

White Star

Elements of the décor of the dining area in the white star office building in Warsaw.

Customer project.

Pots made of oak wood. Stands made of powder-coated steel.

Warsaw – 02.2020


Drabina custom


Sliding steel ladder in the kitchen in a private house near Warsaw. Made according to the design of an interior architect.

Project: Sylwia Erol


Lampy kuchenne

Lamps made of steel profiles for kitchen décor in a private house near Warsaw. Made according to the design of an interior architect.

Project: Sylwia Erol



Steel base for sculpture. Kubik made of hot-rolled steel sheet, 4 mm thick. Oxidation according to our recipe, wax-protected surface.

Project: Robert Jablonski


Making a logo on the thud in the main auction hal
l. Ground stainless steel.

Logo stal


The body of the monitor wall made like most of the elements for this client is made of black steel sheet, hot-walled. The slightly darkened, gray color and matte surface texture has been specially made to match the color of the disabled screens. Connecting to the structure with ferro magnets. Shee
t metal dimensions have been selected for screen dimensions


Metal shelving made according to your own design. The main structure is made of black hot-rolled steel with a thickness of 10 mm in laser cutting technology, 3 mm sheet metal shelves after cold-bent cut.

Project: Robert Jablonski


Conference table at the headquarters of Desa Unicum SA in Warsaw made of reinforced concrete and black steel.

Technology used: laser steel processing, welding, hand-molded concrete.

Dimensions: diameter: 2.7 m, height: 0.78 m, weight: 2000 kg.



The equipment of the florist in Warsaw Żoliborz is one of the first author's projects Reborn.

We designed and made a system of metal shelves with a sliding ladder and a counter with an original extendable countertop.

Project: Robert Jablonski


"Sled" is a plebiscite announced from 2018 by Gazeta Wyborcza for the most interesting new faces in Polish music.

These awards are awarded to young artists by music journalists and experts.

Reborn designed and made statuettes for the first and second editions (the third has not yet taken place).

Project: Robert Jablonski
2018, 2019, 2020